6 Effective Restaurant Marketing Hacks That Can Improve Your Business

If you are recently opened up a restaurant, you may want to consider a few innovative marketing hacks that can help you generate more sales. The more people that know about your restaurant, the more customers you will have, and eventually regular clientele. Of course, the quality of the food that you are providing is very important. You always want to over-deliver the meals that you are preparing. However, to get people to come in to build your client list, you will certainly want to use these five effective restaurant marketing hacks.

Send Out Postcards

Postcards are a phenomenal way to get people to check out your business. Although many will consider it old school, it’s a good marketing strategy that still works. If you have never done it before, you can always work with businesses that are going to offer you special deals on the packaging and mail-out deals.

Advertise On The Web

Advertising on the Internet is probably the most common way that restaurants attract new customers. However, if your marketing is off, or if you are not using the right imagery, is going to be somewhat problematic. That’s why testing your ads is always necessary, and after several tries, you will find the one that is the best for your business.

Signs Out Front

It is highly recommended that you have some form of a digital sign out front. By doing so, you can test different marketing messages. If all you do is change the type of meal that you are preparing as the special of the day, this is still going to motivate people to come in. There is likely going to be a lot of traffic walking or driving the buyer’s restaurant. This sign will help bring more people.

Create A Facebook Page

A Facebook page is perhaps the best way that you can get social media traffic. There are other platforms, this is definitely the best. It also allows you to advertise the posts that have done the best, allowing you to reach even more people through their advertising network.

Word-Of-Mouth Advertising

The last strategy that you should consider using is advertising word-of-mouth. For example, you may have friends that are in social groups where they can help you bring people to your restaurant. You may also want to attend events for other businesses in the area. By networking in this matter, you can quickly develop a long list of people coming to your restaurant simply because you mentioned to other people who did the same.

Invest in a memorable customer service or delivery number

increase your services or name recognition and easily gain positive perceptions of your brand by investing in a memorable and affordable 1800 numbers Australia giving your business a professional presence even outside your local area.

These are six effective restaurant marketing hacks that are going to help you generate more sales than ever before. If you have not done any advertising online, or even offline, you can always generate traffic by simply providing excellent products. Overall, it is imperative that you do have a social media presence. This will lead to online advertising and more business than you can possibly handle. All of these strategies are effective, particularly when used together, to help restaurants generate more revenue throughout the year.

Best practices for restaurant inventory management

Many restaurant operators could testify that inventory management is one of the most tedious tasks of running a restaurant. You have to record your stocks and check them on a regular basis to keep your records updated. Plus, you have to come up with usable data. It may be a challenging and frustrating task, but it’s the most important thing you should do for your restaurant business.

Inventory management may require more time, but it can help you save thousands of dollars each year in your business especially if you use effective and trusted software for Inventory management.

There are practices you can do not to make your inventory as painful as you think. With the right technology and correct approach, you can make your inventory faster, easier and an effective tool for your restaurant success.

How to do inventory in a restaurant

Organise your supplies

Organisation is the most effective way to manage your inventory. Each item should have a place so you will be able to access them quickly. If you or your staff needs to move or use something, you are expected to return them after you are done using it. 

You also might want to use labels on your shelves or storage drawers, so you know what is in there. Try to categorise your inventory to make it easier to locate them once you need them. For example, you can start with dry goods first, then move to your freezer, then office supplies, etc.

Avoid over-ordering

Practice proper planning and foresight so you can keep your inventory to the minimum. Include forecasting when you do an inventory to avoid mistakes and minimise errors—stock only items that you need until your next shipment delivery. Inventory can become effective if you are able to prevent waste and spoilage due to overstocking. By storing fewer items, you will have more space to increase efficiency.

Assign the same staff to manage inventory

Once you are able to organise your stocks effectively, you should assign a few people to your staff to help you manage inventory. Your chef or manager will be your best option. Tell them to work closely with the inventory so they can spot inconsistencies or errors.

Make them understand how inventory is essential and how inaccurate can affect your profits.

First in, first out

This is a method that is mostly used in any food business. FIFO is the best practice to ensure that you store and rotate your supplies to avoid spoilage and waste. When you stock your items, place the older ingredients in the front to ensure that they use them first before using new ones.

One way to avoid waste is by labelling your ingredients with use-by dates or by marking your containers with which one to use first before opening new containers. Labelling can help especially if you don’t have that good organisation process in your space, and it can also avoid confusion.

Be consistent

To maintain your inventory system accurately, you have to work on a regular schedule. There are calculations that refer to a specific period, such as weekly or monthly. If you are not consistent in doing your inventory on a regular basis, you’ll end up with inaccurate data. 

You can set a different schedule for your items. Perishable goods or those goods with short life and frequently used ingredients should be checked daily, while those bulk items can be checked weekly.

If you are able to set the dates and times consistently, you and your team will be able to see a pattern and do inventory faster and easier.

How to choose the right benchtops for your restaurant kitchen

When putting up a restaurant, food is the most important factor. However, it’s not the only thing that matters. You also need to consider the furniture that you’re going to place in your store.

When it comes to choosing benchtops, you have to make the right choice in order to set the right ambience for your restaurant. You don’t just consider the look, but you also have to think about its’ durability and heat resistance given that there will be a lot of cooking in your restaurant kitchen. You have to understand the cooking style and maintenance to help you choose the right one for your restaurant.

Many years ago, the only materials that you can choose from were marble kitchen benchtops Sydney and granite. Nowadays, there are already lots of materials to choose from, including limestone, wood, stainless steel and so many more. Selecting the right material will now depend on your budget, the look you are looking for and maintenance threshold.

Let’s take a lot of different materials for benchtops.


If you want to go for an organic and natural look for your restaurant kitchen, then timber benchtops can be good for you. In fact, they are a popular choice for those who want a rustic and classic feel in their kitchen. 

Although they can be of high maintenance because they need to be oiled at least every six months, they are very durable. Timber benchtops are also susceptible to markings and denting, especially when used for cuttings, but this is not an issue at all since these markings can be an accent to the warm and rustic look. 

There is a variety of timber available for making benchtops. They can also be cut and designed according to your preferences. If you are going to choose durability, then bamboo benchtop is recommended by experts. Bamboo is an environmentally friendly material, plus it is very strong. 

Aside from the rustic look, timber benchtops can be used for any look you want for your restaurant kitchen. They can blend well with a contemporary look to the country look style. Paired with well-designed cabinets, then you’ll have a kitchen that promotes the vibe you are going for.

Stainless steel

It’s the most preferred benchtops by a lot of restaurants. The reason why is because stainless steel benchtops are easy to clean, the tolerance to heat is very high, and it is almost indestructible. Also, you can have the sinks welded into the benchtop for more seamless cooking. 

Stainless Steel benchtops are known to be the most hygienic material that is why they are used for most commercial kitchens. They are very versatile too. Although you can expect scratches and markings on the surface for overtime use, the markings can be an added distinct impression of the whole industrial look of your kitchen. Never worry about the dents and scratches because, with stainless steel, you’ll have a super clean kitchen benchtop.

Customised or engineered benchtop

It’s an alternative to the natural stone benchtops like marble or granite. Engineered benchtops are created from organic quartz material. It looks like they are made from natural stone, but they have characteristics that are not found in natural materials. 

Engineered benchtops are known for their beauty and elegance. Most of the time, the materials used in engineered benchtops will match the look of your kitchen perfectly. They are also very durable. In fact, they are hard as granite. It’s just that they won’t crack easily, unlike granite. Engineered stones are not susceptible to cuts and marking, although it is still advisable to use chopping boards when cutting and cooking.

When it comes to maintenance, unlike natural stone benchtops that are penetrable to bacteria, engineered stone won’t easily absorb liquids and moist therefore leaving cleaning very easy and more effective.

With engineered benchtops, you’ll have many options as it comes in different styles and colours. So whatever theme you choose, they can go well with your planned design.

Laminated benchtops

Laminated benchtops are now becoming the favoured choice, not only for the home kitchen but as well as commercial ones. They can produce a stylish look yet without the high price. Because of the modern innovation in technology and present designs, laminated benchtops have made its strong comeback.

If you are looking for cost-effective benchtops, then laminated would be the best option for your restaurant kitchen.  There are a wide variety of choices for styles, colours, textures and designs to choose from that would perfectly suit your taste. Not only are they cost-effective and stylish, but they are also versatile and durable. They are easy to clean and easy to maintain. Just remember to not put hot items directly on the surface because it can leave burns marks. It is also not recommended that cutting or chopping be done on the surface of laminated benchtops.

Famous Healthy cuisines around the world

More and more people are paying attention to having a healthy diet. When the New Year begins, it’s almost everyone’s resolution to eat healthily and lose weight. People often think that eating healthy is boring. However, this is not the case. There is much healthy food that you can enjoy, incredibly yummy, and nutritious. 

Here are some healthy cuisines around the world which you can indulge to balance your meals.

Greek Food

When we see traditional Greek food, we often see a lot of dark vegetables, beans, grains, fruits, fish and olive oil. Most of these ingredients are healthy for the body, especially for the heart. Greek food consists of ingredients that are known to boost the immune system and fight cancer. According to research, following this diet can lower your risks of getting heart disease, stroke, obesity, diabetes and early death.

Here are famous Greek food are full of nutrients

Hummus – It’s a stellar spread or dipping sauce that has been consumed for over hundreds of years. It’s ideally made by ground sesame seeds, olive oil, blending chickpeas and lemon juice. This is very healthy and delicious.

Dolmades – These are stuffed grape leaves which can be eaten as an appetizer or main dish. The stuffing consists of rice, herbs and occasionally meat. This food is known to have low calories and high in fibre. They also have loads of vitamins A and K.

Greek cuisine mostly has the highest ranking when it comes to healthy cuisines because of how their food is eaten. You just take a bite on meat along with low calories ingredients like beans, grains and seafood. The food is also served with small portions of nuts and olive.

Japanese Food

Traditional Japanese cuisines, especially the kinds of food that are eaten on the island of Okinawa, are found to be super healthy. Because of this, people get to live to 100 years and even more. Their traditional diet includes more fish than red meat. Their meals contain plenty of vegetables, pickled and fermented food. Japanese tend to eat in a small portion which promotes easy digestion. Also, they practice eating until you are 80% full. This practice takes a lot of discipline in order to eat slowly and avoid more food. This diet rule may be the reason why Japanese people are far likely to get breast or colon cancer.

Here are famous Japanese food that are super healthy.

Miso – This is commonly eaten as a soup. This is a fermented soya bean paste which is served along with other Japanese dishes. It’s considered to be the most important dish in Japan. Miso is high in protein and very nutritious, which is effective in lowering cholesterol level, boost the immune system and prevent cancer. 

Soba – if you love noodles but wanted to go healthy, then eat soba. It’s made with buckwheat flour which contains high protein, lots of minerals, and vitamin B1 and B2. Soba also has rutin which is known to lower blood pressure and good for anti-aging.

Indian food

When we think of Indian food, we think of their aromatic spices such as turmeric, red chillies, ginger, cumin, pepper and a lot more. The distinctive flavour of Indian food is known to protect against some cancers. Most of their cuisines offer many plants based dishes that feature rice, coconut and spices which have health-boosting properties. Indian herbs help in lowering blood pressure. The grain and fibre in their diet are good for the digestive system. Turmeric is the main ingredient in Indian curry. This ingredient has anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Lentils and curd are among the staples in Indian cuisine, which have a significant amount of folate and magnesium. Overall, Indian food is packed with flavour, delicious and healthy. 

Here are some famous Indian food that are super healthy.

Daliya – This is basically a porridge made out of wheat, lentils and vegetables. A bowl of this dish makes an ideal breakfast, especially to those who are watching their weight. This also contains high fibre and gives you the feeling of fullness, so it helps you fight the urge to consume snacks.

Raita – This is a dish which is yogurt-based and has a variety of vegetables, fruits and spices. This is eaten along with other Indian dishes. This dish is packed with lots of healthy nutrients and can help neutralize the strong and spicy flavours of other Indian food. There is also another version of this dish which is the cucumber raita.

Eating healthy is always the right choice. With so many junk food around, it’s easy to be tempted to consume them and indulge in unhealthy meals. However, if you want to be fit and healthy, you have to discipline yourself in choosing the right food. Try home delivered meals from food companies that serve these famous healthy cuisines and see why these dishes are recommended by many.

Best Cuisines To Try When Visiting France

Trips are fun, and they get even more exciting when flying over to another country. Take, for instance, travelling to France. In this country, you are guaranteed to experience immense culture courtesy of the French people. Most people marvel about the museums in the region when they visit a new place, while others enjoy the Sandy beaches. Before going there, it would be ideal to learn to say a few words in their language. You don’t need to be fluent but if you know the basics, it’ll make a big difference in your trip so learn French Sydney now.

However, if you want to experience the icing of the culture go the local cuisines. While in France, you are guaranteed to have mouthwatering cuisines from all sorts of backgrounds around the French nation. Some of the most sampled cuisines from France by visitors include the following.

Most of the people I know don’t like macrons. It could be due past terrible interaction with macrons which were not well cooked. When you visit Paris, you are going to see plenty of macron shops. Is because macron is the It favourite food for almost every local citizen around Paris. These shops offer various flavours of macron, and they’re all incredibly sweet. This delicacy is prepared using different flavourings and species from all over the world.

French Cheese.
French Cheese is brought in different sizes and flavours. As a visitor, I will highly advise you to sample the various types to ensure you have a taste of most excellent Paris cheese. It is advisable to make friends with cheese producers while you are on your visit so that they can direct on the best cheeses for you to purchase.

This is another famous delicacy from right in the heart of Paris. This French cuisine is loved by many locals and visitors alike. They’re famous because of their high quality as they are obtained directly from the French coastline. Some of the varieties include Arcachon oysters and the Normandy oysters.

This is another favourite and popular food in Paris. It is also important to note that this delicacy was voted the most favourite amongst the locals as well as visitors in 2006. This delicious meal was brought into inception by the North Africans who had migrated to the French countryside. When around Paris, try the delicacy from one of the popular couscous restaurants.

Paris is known for its colourful chocolate shops. In these shops, you will get the most delicate taste of chocolate that you have never had before. There are qualified master chocolatiers who produce unique creations of chocolates that are appreciated in every corner of France.

Back in the day eclairs were mostly found only in Paris, but recently the nation has exported the sweet commodity to other various countries. Eclairs shops have begun to be opened in other big cities. However, There’s a certain charm in them when you taste them directly from the original manufacturers. These pastries are incredibly sweet and truly delicious, you can easily finish half dozen without even noticing.

The Baguettes.
This is truly the true definition of French culture. This long loaf of bread has existed in the French countryside and cities for centuries. This is the taste of the French culture that for sure you can’t afford to miss when around Paris.

How To Wine And Dine In A Professional Community Setting

Do you feel a fit of anxiety anytime you are going to have to wine and dine with associates in a professional manner? While you want to loosen up and have a good time, you want to keep decent business etiquette. It can be a very hard line to follow, and crossing it could ruin an important partnership or deal. Believe it or not, there is one simple trick to keep in mind while at a business lunch or dinner. And that is simply you are not there to enjoy a good meal or company; you are there for business. With that in mind, we have three tips that are going to help you navigate your next business dinner with ease.

Toss Some Good Etiquette Out The Window.

More than likely you were always taught to use your best manners while at the table, especially in a social setting. However, there are some instances where good manners are just rude in a business setting. For example, you never want to pull out a chair for anyone while at a business dinner. Regardless of their gender, it is just considered bad taste. The thought process is that anyone can pull out their chair. However, you can still hold the door open before the meeting begins. We understand that these simple rules can be confusing, but it gets easier.

One of the most important factors of any business dinner is pacing yourself while you eat. If you are a very slow eater, you are going to have to pick up the pace. Likewise, if you wolf down your food, it is time to count your chewing! The best practice is to follow the pace of your host. This is simply, so no one is left without food on their plate waiting for the next course to begin.

As you may already know there are always a lot of utensils as a corporate gift at these types of business dinners. There is no way around it; you are going to have to learn what utensil goes with which course. Everything has its purpose, and there is nothing left on the table for extras. Typically, if all the utensils are already laid out on the table, you are going to work your way from the outside to the inside. This is not always the case, but a general rule of thumb.

Finally, a simple reminder is that sometimes it is OK to use your hands for food. Especially in the case of breaking bread. You never want to use a knife to cut open a roll. Likewise, if there is fresh bread on the table, break it in half and tear off a piece at a time. It is a sign of friendship and trust at the table, and your host will appreciate it.

As you can see, there are several things to remember while you are wining and dining in a professional manner. However, with a little bit of study and practice, you will have the main etiquette rules down pat.